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YOU- March 2000

I was lost and confused, wondering and wandering
Living life without purpose, breathing almost for nothing
Wading through each passing day
At times breaking, then coming together again
Always, something is missing
In life one should have another
Someone to fill the hole, the endless void
Someone who will complete the puzzle
I didn't think this was true for me,
I thought it wasn't coming
I was sure it was never gonna hit me
And then there was you
Breaking through and shedding light into my little world
Awakening deep hidden emotions
Setting me a fire, and giving me a different kind of high
Like some sort of witch's potion, that I couldn't get out of my system
But the odds are all against me, like they always are
It's probably not going to be,
If it is then at least I have this
A poem made for and inspired...
A poem that expresses what i really feel for YOU.