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12 November 2000

There are two sides of you
That confuses me to no end
And makes it hard for me to decide
Which path to take and tread

You are my hapiness
The key that opens the door to a world of possibilities
Yet you are that proverbial cake
I have yet to eat or may not eat at all

You spark of excitement
Like a bolt of lightning so hard to contain
Yet you are kept at arm's length
In fear of getting burned

You bring so much promise
Like a colorful rainbow after a storm
Yet you are that one big gamble
I am terribly afraid to take

You are my breath of fresh air
A lovely flower that stands out among the thorns
Yet you are like a set of little knives
Poking, prodding, and piercing at my fragile heart

You are my day
The ray of light that washes out all the darkness that surrounds me
Yet you are my night
The stretch of dark clouds that bring gloom to my life

What choice to pick?
Which direction to go?
Time will tell
How this will play out.