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MULTIPLE FACES- 17 October 2000

How do you judge if a person's true?
Or just showing a face unbeknownst to you
When first you meet, How do you submit?
So as not to give out the wrong impression
And avoid unnecessary misinterpretations
Does being yourself really do it?
Then how come some people still come out
like they're so full of it?
Is multiple faces human nature?
And do we lose it when we all mature?
It's sad, 'cus i don't feel like such is the case
Especially when i myself, am at times
lost in the maze
Why is a simple yes or no so hard?
And harder yet, a welcoming smile or a polite nod
Why can't we be honest with what we feel?
And develop the attitude "I either like you
or let's just be civil".