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IVY- 01 July 2001

This i'd like to do for you
But a fitting start is hard to do
We've not known each other long, IVY
Nor spent enough time to get to know you really
Should i start with something smart & witty?
Or just go on and on
In hopes of coming up with something funny
Perhaps you'd like something hard and heavy
With a message to boot and is a little mushy
Then again, maybe not
So i'll go for spontaneity 'cus it's all i got
Hard as i try to concentrate
To give you something that you might think great
There's nothing here, my head's all empty
I hope that's okay, we're still friends aren't we?
For now, you'll have to settle for this
A simple greeting of a very happy birthday
And a wish that all happiness you look for come your way.